The Various Features of Office Telephone Systems

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Although telephone systems may look the same, they have different features. Some of these features are basic while others are advanced. Below is a detailed discussion of different office telephone systems.

The following are some of the basic features:

IT Support companies in Dubai enables callers to check the extension of employees. The caller enters a few letters and the number of the worker pops up.

Business Telephone Systems Dubai allows several extensions to share a conversation. Using this feature, you can hold a meeting with people who aren’t physically present at the office. When getting an office telephone system, make sure to specify whether you want external conference calls too.

Call Hold is a feature that offers users the ability to put calls on hold. This feature is useful, especially if you wish to attend to other important things.

Voice Mail allows callers to leave messages for employees if they’re not available at the office. Some telephone systems can forward messages to your email. You can also learn more about telephone system by checking out the post at

Speed Dial saves phone numbers that are frequently used. It allows the user to dial a number with the touch of a button or two. This feature is helpful since it allows the user to save time.

Call Forwarding is exactly as its name suggests. It enables the user to forward calls to other extensions or voice mails temporarily.

Paging gives the user the ability to speak via a public address unit while giving announcements or calling an employee. The use of this feature may be minimal but useful in busy places such as supermarkets.

Using the Redial feature, the user can automatically redial the last number called. This is another feature that helps the user to save time.

Power backup will offer an alternative electricity source for up to an hour during a power outage.

Music on hold is yet another essential basic feature. When the call is on hold, the caller has some music to listen to. Often, it can be prerecorded messages or music that advertises your business.

Advanced features include CTI (Computer Telephone Integration), Follow Me and Remote Location.

With CTI, the telephone system can be connected to the computer system. For instance, the user can click a telephone number on his/her PC and the office telephone system will dial the number.

Follow Me is a feature that permits you to forward your phone to another phone.

Finally, there’s the Remote Location feature that enables users to use the phone system when they’re not at the office. All they need to do is dial an internal extension.


Ideas for Purchasing an Office Telephone System


Telephone systems are important for all organizations worldwide. This is because they aid communication and boost the performance of businesses. There are a few points to consider when buying a telephone system for your office.

You have to know the features that will improve your venture and connect you to the rest of the world. A phone system provider may try to sell you a product in every way possible, but you should look at the system and determine its value to your business. Remember to get a system that will fully satisfy your communication needs.

Office IT Solutions Sharjah have various basic and advanced features. Basic features include teleconferencing, automated directory, voicemail, call hold, call forwarding, speed dial, redial, paging, music on hold and backup power. Advanced features, on the other hand, include computer telephone integration (CTI), follow me/find me and remote location.

Another thing you need to know is the where the phone will be placed. Some of the places you’ll want to install a phone extension include the reception, each office, warehouse floor, waiting room, hallways and conference rooms, among other places. For more facts and information regarding business telephone system, you can go to

After establishing your needs, the phone features and the phone’s location, you’ll have to find a telephone system dealer. Finding one isn’t hard. However, you need to look in the right places. Search online for telephone supplies and equipment around your city or area.

You can also attend office technology and business trade shows to find various vendors for the system. This will not only enable you to meet the sales people but also be able to try the several varieties of systems offered. As well as  the internet and trade shows, you can ask around for recommendations from other businesspersons who have installed reliable office telephone systems. Assess the level of service and the quality of the Office Telephone Systems Sharjah that was provided.

Cost is also a vital aspect to consider when purchasing the office telephone system. Some of the components that influence the cost include initial configuration, installation, wiring, handsets and the basic system/unit.

The final decision to buy a telephone system is up to you. Telephone system dealers are aggressive, but don’t let them make the decision for you. Give you requirements to several providers and ask them to bid on the project. This will help you get the best deals for the telephone unit you want. Ensure that the quotes you get are detailed and reasonably priced.

What to Consider When Getting an Office Telephone System in Dubai

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The essence of a modern phone system  cannot be stressed enough especially in business premises. There is a lot one needs to do, so as to have a business that is successful. Making sure that the communication perspective of the business is on point, is one of the top priorities. A good phone system will help you keep your edge as far as business is concerned because it simply enhances the efficiency of how you run your stuff at work. Below are some of the things that you should consider when buying an office telephone system.

Features and Capability

In order to have the right type of work done around your office you need to have a system that provides you with the latest and most up to date features. It is important to move with the technological advancements as far as information technology is concerned. There are a number of really interesting features to consider and having the best ones will mean that work gets done faster and more proficiently at your organization. This will help you save time and money in the long run.If you want to learn more about telephone system, you can visit

Consider The Number of employees You Have and The Size of Your Organization

This is something else you need to take keen note of when it comes to getting Telephone System Bahrain for your office. Most phone systems are connected to work within the whole building and in different rooms. Find out how many devices you will need to have and how well they can help serve the employees you have without putting any kind of constraint in your finances or on your business. However, it is important to know that making the sacrifice of buying a good phone system for your office is not something that is easily regrettable. In most cases, you will be glad you spent the money to buy the system.

Cost of the System

On the side of pricing it is important to look at what your business is capable of affording. Different systems require a variety of maintenance services. This means you will not only spend money during the buying stage, you will need to put some cash in to ensure that the system is running smoothly and serving you well. As such, it is important to have a budget and also to ensure that you cross check to confirm that the cost of the IP Telephony AbuDhabi system goes hand in hand with the value you will get as far as features are concerned.